Rivers Edge Outdoors is an Offroad Motorcycle Riding Club with Harescramble type trails and an Intermediate Level MX Track (Practice Track). We've also got some awesome Hard Enduro Sections.

Many of our members are, or have been, state champions.

Rivers Edge Outdoors has 275 acres to explore. We have 8 to 9 miles of hare scramble trails open at all times, marked red and 5 miles of easier trail for non-racers, marked blue. There are also "Hard Enduro" sections marked orange.

Theres 50 acres of open fields perfect for beginners. Everyone's favorite is our turns track in the sand with bermed turns. Come practice your cornering.

Total mileage of all trails is around 20 miles.


Existing Club Members may bring guest. Guest are eligible for a $25 One Day Trial Membership (If Never Been Here Before). Annual Membership Required for return trips.

Currently accepting members for BIKES ONLY. They offer thrilling motorcycle trails. No four wheelers or UTV's 


Even if not a rider, Rivers Edge Outdoors offers something for everyone. Whether choosing to ride or watch, after a day of riding, take advantage of other activities like on-site primitive camping, canoeing and fishing in the Pigg River. Annual Membership Required. 

NEW: We Have Three RV Camp Sites with Full Hook-ups. Contact Lewis For Pricing. First Come First Serve. 

Motocross Track

We have an intermediate level motocross track. Children must be supervised by parental supervision while on the MX track at all times. Do not ride or jump beyond your skill level.

Come give us a try.

Dress Code

All riders must meet stringent dress codes created for your safety and protection, All riders MUST wear helmets.
Additionally, when trail riding, eye protection and motorcycle boots are required. For additional personal protection a chest protector, gloves, long sleeve shirt and riding pants are suggested. NO Two Up Riding (doubling)

Operating Hours

As a Club, Rivers Edge Outdoors' riding hours are 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Riding season lasts year-round, seven days a week. Trails may be closed for maintenance, flooding conditions or special events. Please monitor our Facebook page for current conditions. (If you don't have a FB account, you may still view our post. You just can't interact with the page.)


All trails are clearly marked with red, blue and orange arrows. Orange for Advanced Trails, Blue For Intermediate and Red For Extreme Hard Enduro sections. Trails are one-way. If you are not seeing arrows, you are probably going the wrong way! "W" mean Wrong Way, do not enter. Trails here are suited for all levels of riders. In fact, many special events are held at River Edge Outdoors including Cross Country Races, Group Night Rides, Poker Run, Hare Scramble Trail Races, Scavenger Hunts and Dealer/Factory Expos.



Your Plan

Disk Space




annual membership

Membership Runs 12 Months From Date Of Purchase

Membership Will Auto Renew (unless you cancel prior to your expiration date)


annual plan


ANNUAL membership

Membership Runs 12 Months From Date Of Purchase

Family Is Defined As Same Household With Children Under 20 Years Old

Membership Will Auto Renew (unless you cancel prior to your expiration date)





This Is A Day Pass For Prospective New Members That Have NEVER Ridden Here Before

(Annual Membership Required For Future Riding)





(Riders With A 2 Hour Communte Or More May Purchase A Long Distance Membership)

Membership Runs 12 Months From Date Of Purchase

Membership Will Auto Renew (unless you cancel prior to your expiration date)

Family Or Individual



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Rules and Regulations

Date Effective: August 8, 2011


Full riding gear must be worn at all times: helmet, eye protection and motorcycle boots are REQUIRED. Chest protector, gloves, long sleeve shirt and riding pants are suggested.

Parents must supervise children at all times.

Trails are one-way traffic unless marked otherwise. If you’re not seeing arrows, you’re probably going backwards.

Follow ALL posted speeds. Riding in pit area or access roads maximum speed 15 mph.

Stay on marked trails. Trails that are marked “closed”; trails that aren’t marked or trails that are under construction are NOT rider ready. Riding on them will be considered trespassing


All riders MUST stop when signaled to do so by Rivers Edge STAFF.

Pets must be on a leash, well behaved and not a disturbance.

Keep all gated closed. If you open a gate, CLOSE IT !! If a gate is open, CLOSE IT.
Thank YOU.

We need to know who is on the property at all times. All riders must sign in before unloading. If you are riding without signing the waiver, you are TRESPASSING and will be prosecuted. (This is an insurance requirement.)

Observe all safety and caution signs, barricades, etc.


Do not stop in a curve or block the trail.

Don’t spin up the parking area. 

Do not ride beyond your abilities.Do not ride alone. Riders must use a buddy system

Absolutely no alcoholic beverages on the trails.

No cursing or obscene language. 

No three wheelers.

No ATV’s 


If camping; no riding after dark unless approved as a special event.

Camping in designated areas only. When camping you must text Lewis with your plans. We need to know who is on the property at all times.

Fishing in river at Own Risk. Must have state fishing license and abide by state laws and regulations.


All riders must comply with the rules and regulations. Knowingly breaking the rules will result in a non-refundable escort from the property and membership being revoked.

You WILL be held responsible for any injuries or damages caused by you or your machine.

Riding on this property is a privilege. Please be respectful of the land and the landowner by staying in the areas designated for off-road recreation. All buildings, structures, hunting tree stands and machinery are OFF LIMITS and considered PRIVATE property. Anyone caught in the restricted areas will be escorted off the property and have their riding privileges revoked.


Rules subject to change without notice.

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We would love to see some of your photos and videos. Please feel free to share with us and we’ll post them from time to time. 

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